Professional Web Sites for Small Businesses
An attractive and functional Internet site can fill many roles

A common and effective role for a web site can be to just let people know who you are and what you do or sell. On the web you can take the time and space to build your brand that you could never afford in other media.

Answering your customers questions, providing status information, and gathering customer feed back can be done very effectively via the web. Since the web has become the first (and often the ONLY) resource consulted to get information, your web site may be the only written material people see that tells your story.

Of course you can sell products or services directly via the internet. You can also gather prospects and direct them to your traditional sales channels.

Your web site should reflect your business both in style and content.

It should be business like and professional. If you are in the healthcare industry, your web design should be far different than if you were in the gaming software business. The colors and other design elements of your site must be carefully chosen and expertly crafted to put just the right amount of snap and sizzle while maintaining ease of use and clear understandable content.

Not every ‘cute’ device ever invented for web pages should be on YOUR pages. A surprising number of business pages look like they were built by precocious teenagers - and many of them were! Often those cute elements make use of large graphical files that can take a long time to download, or wander off into other areas of reduced usability.

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